EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml
EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml

EFKRATO Organic Extra Virgin Olive (CAD) 250ml

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EFKRATO is rare artisanal olive oil produced from the ancient Cretan variety “Tsounati” that gives rise to a very special organic high phenolic olive oil with a particularly rich blend of flavor and aromas. The organic farming, the early harvest and of course the climate and unique features of the Cretan land, all contribute to an exclusive product. The production and bottling process ensures the maintenance of all nutrients such as polyphenols, which are in abundance in EFKRATO.

EFKRATO comes from our family’s small olive groves in northern Crete and is the optimized form of the same pure olive oil we grew up with.

EFKRATO has strong character and the special pungency that characterizes early harvest olive oils. Fruity aromas harmoniously balance a slight bitterness and rich spiciness.

Whilst EFKRATO is excellent for cooking, its full richness in aromas and flavor can be best enjoyed when it is used raw.

At every step of cultivation and production, attention focuses on the achievement of the best possible organoleptic characteristics (aroma sand flavor) and the maintenance of the nutrients for which the extra virgin olive oil is well-known.

Best practices have been followed and applied in every step of the culture, including the way to prune and water the trees, the time and the manner of harvesting, the manner of milling and bottling, as well as how to manage the olive fruit fly, the biggest “enemy” of the olive tree. The precise process results in reduced production but ensures the unique features of EFKRATO.

The “co-operation” with horses and sheep provides the olive grove with high quality fertilizer in exchange for its weeds, while reducing the release of CO2. Production is based on a loving and respectful relationship with the Cretan earth. Every decision is taken in the light of the least possible environmental impact.

The fruit is harvested well before it matures to produce the special kind of olive oil that ancient Greeks called “ωμοτριβές” (early harvest olive oil). The superiority of this type of olive oil is significant in comparison to the ordinary Extra Virgin both in the level of organoleptic characteristics and the level of nutritional value while its production requires a larger amount of olive fruits.

The olives are selected one by one by hand and those that are not in perfect condition are not used in the production. The olives fruits are transported to the olive extraction facility in special boxes that keep them unharmed. Olive oil extraction takes place within a mere few hours after harvest.

Cold extrusion and bottling by a certified BIO bottler ensures the achievement and preservation of excellent quality characteristics.

Filtration immediately after oil extraction ensures the preservation of organoleptic and nutritional features such as the high content of polyphenols

The noble gas Argon (Ar) is added in the tank immediately after its cold extraction as well as during the bottling of EFKRATO. This protective atmosphere keeps its organoleptic characteristics unchanged for longer, while the dark-colored bottle protects it from light

The produced quantity of the Tsounati variety is not stable and may vary considerably from year to year. Production ranges from 1,500 to 4000 liters (3000 to 8000 bottles of 500 ml) per year. Limited quantities can be found in select stores in Greece, France and Switzerland. EFKRATO is available in cases of 12 bottles. Please email marilyn@aristoleonorthamerica.com to order by the case.

EFKRATO NMR Certificate 2019

NOTE: The character of high phenolic olive oil can be peppery in the throat and bitter on the tongue. THIS IS NOT A DEFECT but is the indication of the presence of oleocanthal and oleacein, the phenolic compounds most researched for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties respectively.

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