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This Aristoleo Curated Collections idea was a bit unexpected. It took hold when I was looking on Amazon for the perfect cruet to have our precious high phenolic olive oil on the table or kitchen counter - something elegant and stylish (I have a thing about putting bottles on the table). Something equal to its value for our health.

It's a concern to have a bottle open for any length of time. Air, heat and light are the enemies of extra virgin olive oil - and of particular concern to the phenolic content retention.

This lovely high fired clay Emile Henry cruet in twelve rich colours made in France checks off all the list - proper pouring spout - with a cap - essential for keeping air out of the bottle as much as possible. It's easy to clean which is a must when reusing containers for olive oil (make sure it is entirely dry before refilling), and well, it's truly elegant - and the range of colours! How to choose? It's gorgeous for any decor.

On a most practical level - protect your olive oil with a simple corked spout with cap that will fit most bottles. Use it for wine too. Stainless Steel cork pourers with capped spout.

Anyway, that got me wondering what else I might find on Amazon and why not share these finds? So I have combed through and chosen things to delight - little luxuries, which I have curated into High Phenolic EVOO, Lifestyle Luxuries, and Reading and Recipes.

Check out my other treasures. I am passionate about 100% linen or cotton tea towels - I even love to iron them! It is the rich shades of olive and deep purple accent of this French inspired jacquard towel  that caught my eye.

And what about this charming Artisanal Porcelain Spiral Designed Olive Oil Dipping Plate that has an ingenious grating design for garlic, cheese or chocolate?

Or this set of darling Terracotta Pinch Bowls with glazed centers in multiple colours?

That led me to books. The three cookbooks are by authors I know, have met and respect. A few years ago I did a fun inspiration-nutrition challenge with Amy Riolo, author of
"The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet" ,

Amy Riolo Mediterranian Diet Cookook

Nutritionist Dr. Mary Flynn is a researcher in olive oil and rather than the Med Diet, for health and to recover from illness has devised her own Plant Based Olive Oil Diet. I especially admire her because she works with under privileged families to teach healthy eating on a budget. She always has such a positive outlook on food as medicine.

I was so happy to find her book "Olive Oil Baking"Heart-Healthy Recipes"

Dr. Simon Poole is a super guy and has been on the front lines through the COVID Pandemic in Cambridge, UK. Here is his book, "The Olive Oil Diet: Nutritional Secrets of the Original Superfood".

In his recently released publication, Dr. Poole looks in depth into the basis of the Mediterranean Diet and what makes it a singular daily regimen for health and wellbeing.

"The Real Mediterranean Diet: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Achieving the Healthiest Diet in the World"

"Extra Virginity; The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil" is a must read for everyone wanting to know more about the olive oils on the market. High Phenolic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) is even more precious and you will understand why Aristoleo and all our associates are so committed to education and proper processes to assure health conscious get the quality they deserve - for which they have paid a premium. Athan has had lively email exchanges with author Tom Mueller.

If you are like Athan and me (because you take a daily shot of high phenolic EVOO and use it on everything), and buy your high phenolic EVOO in multiples to get best value - here is a classy mini wine cooler to keep your high phenolic extra virgin olive oils at the optimum temperature between 12.5° C - 15° C (55° F - 60° F).

I wrote about it here. "How to Store Olive Oil - Chill it Like Fine Wine"

Could I resist the olive wood bowls and pepper grinder? And the gorgeous Michael Aram handcrafted silver serving dish and coasters?

And - the best for last. Until Aristoleo Data-Locked Protocol certifies brands of high phenolic olive oil and the retail store and distributors who store these brands in Aristoleo cooler units, we are recommending only the olive oil brands that we know and trust have been produced and cared for properly.

Curating olive and olive oil related products for our special collections has become a real pleasure for me and I will continue to add those that I believe have exceptional quality and value.

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When you purchase anything in our collections, please know that you are supporting the work that Athan and I continue through Aristoleo, Aristoleo North America and Artemis Alliance Inc. in education, research and outreach on behalf of all who want more trustworthy sources of natural healing foods.

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