Aristoleo Awards 2021

Aristoleo welcomes olive oils and table olives with high phenolic content, which is recognized in the EU with a health claim, 432-2012. 

Olives and olive oils are measured for individual phenolic compounds by qNMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) at the World Olive Center for Health (WOCH), in Athens. Each olive oil is also organoleptically analyzed for taste defects by Food Allergens Labs. Only olive oils with no defects are eligible for an Aristoleo Award.

Producers are invited to participate in Aristoleo Data-Locked Protocol for a fully certified track and trace profile from grove to retail or online store. Selected brands will be displayed in Aristoleo branded coolers to maintain temperature between 12°C - 15°C to preserve integrity of phenolic content.

Aristoleo accentuates certification over competition and a specific deadline. High phenolic olive oil is about health, which is our daily personal responsibility. Producers are welcome to certify their olive oils from the harvest onward.

Welcome! You have just entered the New Era of Olive Oil.
New Era's name is High Phenolic Olive OIl. This type of olive oil is no longer associated with substandard quality, fraud or adulteration of the olive oil industry whose sole purpose is to promote substandard quality under the title of healthy monounsaturated fat.

High Phenolic is the name for the scientifically measurable quality based on the EU 432/2012 health claim regulation for polyphenols in olive oil. This regulation has changed the olive oil industry forever. New methods of measurement were developed and verified in Greece and Spain that could accurately measure every phenolic compound in olive oil.
Greek scientists initiated clinical trials to study the enhanced health effect of this early harvest olive oil made famous by Hippocrates the father of medicine. The initial results have astounded scientists worldwide. These medicinal quality phenolic compounds are more abundant in olive oil when made with green unripe olives from specific varieties just like Hippocrates and Dioscurides predicted. Scores of people suffering from serious illnesses are finding relief and many report "miraculous" healing experiences.

This Aristoleo Data-Locked Protocol was developed to answer the need for a guaranteed quality of olive oil to be available on a consistent basis. Phenolic compounds deteriorate after bottling much faster if the temperature is not maintained between 12.5 - 15°C. 

We have created the first end-to-end solution for monitoring and controlling the quality of the high phenolic olive oils. We did this because we have a responsibility to the thousands of buyers who depend on it for their sense of wellbeing.
The prices are very high as compared to other olive oils on the market today. To produce this type of olive oil you need to use 2-10 times more olives than normal olive oil. We are working hard within the EU to provide more support to this new olive oil sector for health in order to cut costs and lower prices. 

The ARISTOIL Interreg MED was 3 year 5 country programme to study all the variables from the olive tree to the bottle in the hands of the buyer. Harvesting methods, Mill settings, Storage conditions, Bottling, Transportation and Display and their effect on the concentration of phenolic compounds were studied. 
The Aristoleo Cooler for high phenolic olive oil is a direct result of the EU vision to support the production and marketing of high phenolic olive oil in order to increase the competitiveness of the MED region and raise the income of the olive growing communities. We have already seen a dramatic increase in agrotourism, investment and young people moving back to the villages to work in this sector. 
By purchasing certified high phenolic olive oil bottle you are not only investing in your health but also supporting the sustainability of the traditional olive growing communities. They are dedicating themselves to producing this truly "medicinal olive oil" as Hippocrates called it. We cannot make any claims yet for the healing power of this type of olive oil but we do not have to.
Our clients are presenting a growing mountain of anecdotal evidence.
Clinical Trials are revealing potential for a therapeutic effect of phenolic compounds for a variety of conditions such as heart health, cancer, Alzheimers, and enhancing athletic performance. 


Aristoleo Awards 2021 English Entry Form

Aristoleo Awards 2021 Greek Entry Form

Η Aristoleo καλωσορίζει τα ελαιόλαδα και τις επιτραπέζιες ελιές με υψηλή περιεκτικότητα σε φαινόλες, η οποίες αναγνωρίζωνται στην ΕΕ με ισχυρισμό υγείας, 432-2012.

Οι ελιές και τα ελαιόλαδα φαινολικές ενώσεις μετρούνται με NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) στο World Olive Center for Health (WOCH), Αθήνα.

Κάθε ελαιόλαδο αναλύεται επιπλέον οργανοληπτικά να πιστοποιηθει ότι δεν έχει ελαττώματα στο Food Allergens Lab.

Όλα τα πιστοποιημένα ελαιόλαδα θα παρουσιάζονται μόνο σε επώνυμων Aristoleo Coolers με σταθερή θερμοκρασία μεταξύ 12° C - 15° C για την διατήρηση της ακεραιότητας του φαινολικού περιεχομένου. 

Η Aristoleo τονίζει την πιστοποίηση λόγο του ανασχεδιασμό της εμπιστοσύνης. Το υψηλό φαινολικό ελαιόλαδο αφορά την υγεία, που αποτελεί καθημερινή προσωπική μας ευθύνη.

Οι παραγωγοί καλούνται να πιστοποιήσουν τα ελαιόλαδά με το πρωτοποριακό Aristoleo Data-Locked Protocol από τους από τον ελαιώνα, μέχρι τα χέρια των αγοραστών. Διότι η πλειοψηφεία των πελατών το αγοράζει για λόγους υγείας. Τους αξίζει να έχουν πρόσβαση στα πιστοποιημένα υψηλά φαινολικά ελιαόλαδα.