Our Promise.

To bring you a selection of superior olive oils for your health.


My name is Marilyn Harding and I believe in a holistic approach to health - body, mind and spirit.

I am passionate about helping people meet their health and wellness goals in my writing but more specifically, by finding the most health promoting high phenolic extra virgin olive oils available.

When we are feeling great with lots of energy or feel equipped to face health challenges for ourselves or our loved ones, we experience the flow of life in a whole different way. We see our interconnectedness with Life itself.

For me, a daily shot of high phenolic EVOO is like the elixir of youth. And I use it liberally in cooking and on salads throughout the day. I have abundant energy and agility and trust that every day I am doing something to support my body, brain and heart's optimum health and natural state of homeostasis.

There is so much research out there about the benefits of high polyphenol olive oil and so many health conscious individuals like you and me are "googling" natural ways to manage our health and promote longevity. You have asked us where you can buy this precious olive oil and it is right here.

One recent clinical study on Alzheimer's referred to oleocanthal-rich olive oil as a medical food. It also pointed out that the high phenolic olive oil appeared to enhance the efficacy of the pharmaceutical used to treat patients. While this will require much more research to be broadly accepted, what this means now is that we no longer have a dichotomy between natural or allopathic approaches to health. It is no longer this or that, but now might be this and that.

Oleocanthal-Rich EVOO - a Medical Food?

How we got here from there.

Seven years ago my life partner Athan Gadanidis and I went to Greece in search of the best olive oil for health. What we ended up finding were hundreds. Here's how that happened.

Athan found the research of Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou at the University of Athens on measuring the health promoting phenolic compounds in extra virgin olive oil using sophisticated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). The team also invented an in-the-field "lab in a vial". It was during the crisis in Greece and research funds were dried up so my company, Artemis Alliance Inc., invested in the research for the patented Aristoleo® Test Kit. I wrote about it on Huffington Post, In Greece A Little Goes a Long Way.

EU Health Claim

The Magiatis/Melliou method was discovered in 2012, the same year that the EU brought out the Health Claim Labelling Regulation 432-2012 stating that olive oil with polyphenols of 250 mg/kg could put a health claim on the label. This essentially created a whole new category of olive oil. Over the past few years more and more producers are changing their harvest times and methods to increase the natural occurrence of phenolic compounds. Today we have an array of brands that are many times the levels of the base health claim.

Clinical Trials

Clinical research into the health benefits of phenolic compounds, in particular oleocanthal and oleacein, only found in olive oil, have been on the rise with amazing results. Aristoleo® Ltd. now works with hundreds of producers in many olive oil producing countries as one of the key partners in the EU funded ARISTOIL Interreg MED Programme studying high phenolic olive oil.

Aristoleo Awards and Annual Conference

Aristoleo Awards for High Phenolic EVOO and Table Olives is an annual showcase for these emerging brands. Aristoleo also hosts an annual conference that has grown to include agro-ecology, sustainable agriculture and agro-tourism.

Aristoleo North America

Aristoleo North America is the Toronto based import company that is here to serve the Canadian and U.S. markets through its online store and to find other distribution channels for these many exemplary high phenolic extra virgin olive oils.

My Passion

It is my passion to support this new category of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil by working with regulatory bodies on behalf of our many producers to gain a health claim in Canada and the United States. This takes time.

It is also my dream to see a Canadian Research Institution or University join the World Olive Center for Health in doing a clinical trial. Some of my proposed trials would be Alzheimer's , Prostate Cancer, and Parkinson's as I have dear ones suffering these illnesses.

Our Promise

Aristoleo only deals with olive oil brands which measure above 500 mg/kg of phenolic compounds. This is to ensure that, if kept sealed and properly stored, the olive oil will have at least the polyphenol level as stipulated for a EU health claim one year from bottling.

A Word of Care

High phenolic extra virgin olive oil is a food and phenolic compounds are being shown to have beneficial health affects. However, too much of anything - even water - can be an issue. If you are on medication or under doctor's care for a medical condition, please advise your health professional that you are adding high phenolic EVOO or any other herb or natural remedy to your daily regimen.

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Can Hurt You

Athan and I continue to spend our time between Canada, Greece and Cyprus to bring you the best of the best!

To your health!