A Diet Never Tasted So Great!

Replacing butter and other oils with high phenolic olive oil in a predominantly plant based regimen is the perfect "modified Mediterranean Diet" for weight loss. Great for cooking, drizzling and wellness "shots"

My personal experience was dropping 3 dress sizes when I started taking a daily “shot” of high phenolic olive oil every morning on an empty stomach. I now mix it with the juice of a lemon for an amazing liver detox.

Polyphenol rich olive oil like The Governor Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is high in the phenolic compounds oleocanthal an extraordinary anti-inflammatory and oleacein, an antioxidant.

I follow a predominantly plant based - what I like to call a “modified Mediterranean” diet, with all animal fat replaced by high phenolic olive oil. That means no other oils or butter. I cook with The Governor and know that the phenolic compounds transfer into the foods with only about a 20% loss of phenolic compounds.

High phenolic olive oil has a higher smoke point so is great for cooking. Roasting or sautéing in high phenolic olive oil makes food more satisfying with the result that you feel full with less food.

I use high phenolic olive oil liberally throughout the day – even on yogurt (with honey, fruit and crushed nuts)! My weight is stable, I feel great in my clothes and have unbounded energy.

Extra virgin olive oil is a health elixir known for centuries. It has many benefits including stabilizing blood sugar and is heart healthy. It’s rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and is a great source of Vitamin E, fabulous for glowing skin and lustrous hair.

High phenolic olive oil may seem expensive because it is limited yield but it is super charged with nutritional value.

I want you to experience this for yourself.

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To your health and vitality!